The trend towards specialization continues with products being increasingly tailored to a precisely defined group of customers. A general offer is no longer sufficient; people also need a story and origin behind those products that have a clear focus that will justify an idea. We therefore need hyper-personal brands and products that have a good story; a story that must be lived up to!

New & Exclusive
Our new & exclusive concept offers the latest and very special flower bulb varieties. We are constantly adding new bulb varieties to this range with the aim of providing the real flower bulb collectors with the newest and most special flower bulbs - Available in racks or expo boxes.
Variety Selection
The Variety Selection offers up to 300 different varieties of wonderful flower bulbs and plants. We have put together retail concepts with specially formulated assortments for 3m² to 10m² retail spaces. The broad selection of standard, innovative flower bulb varieties and our retail concepts offer you maximum M² sales opportunities.
Direct from the grower
Loose flower bulbs in display trays, rack boxes and show boxes for a direct-from-the-grower presentation. These nets with popular bulbs sell easily. New presentations in show boxes enable the bulbs to be shown clearly with the results to be found on the labels.
Love gardening in a big way? Landscape bags are attractive to gardeners who are planning an especially large planting area. If you are looking for a large splash of springtime inspirations that will last year after year choose Daffodils.