More and more attention is being paid to our health, the environment and climate change with more becoming known about the consequences of our food consumption. Our food now travels all over the world having a too large ecological footprint causing us to deplete our planet. The climate is changing rapidly and this realization demonstrates to us that we can be a producer and consumer of our own food by growing our own herbs and vegetables.

Vegetable gardening is trendy and growing. Grow, Cook & Eat is the range for all home – grown products for your vegetable garden; A refreshing assortment of attractive and innovating products for your ‘cultivation and harvesting’ department. It meets the demand of any vegetable gardener. A vegetable garden is a perfect way to regain control. You decide for yourself what you grow and how much you grow. You also determine whether and which pesticides you use. So you have control over how organic and ecological your vegetables and herbs are.