Consumers need brands and products with a good story, for which someone has done their best. Influencer Marketing is booming! A great way to showcase your brand. Influencer marketing is particularly suitable for appealing to younger target groups. The influencer can influence emotions, opinions and (buying) behavior.

Lovely combinations
Great colour themed combinations of flower bulbs. Nature has room for flowers of all colours, yet some just “go together better”. You will find a combination to suit you from our range. Combinations are already selected for you to plant and enjoy.
Shades of colour
A real winner! You get the largest tulip bulbs for the largest flowers. These collections will turn your garden upside down! These colourful and divers types of tulips are available in striking colour blends and offer your garden weeks of spring pleasure.
Bulbs with a story
Story telling is trendy. All of the flower bulbs in this range have one thing in common: They all have a story to tell. People need the story and origin behind the product. Ask for a clear focus and green products that justify an ideal: products that contribute to a purpose. We therefore need hyper-personal brands and products with a good story. A story that must be lived up to.