Urbanization is increasing due to higher living standards in cities leading to housing shortages, lack of space and less free time. People who live in cities increasingly want to have nature closer to home which has in itself created a new trend; The Urban Garden. A consequence of this is that people want to organize their scarce free time with as higher quality as possible.

Patio Collection
A garden patio can require little maintenance when compared to lawns and borders and provides for a wonderful and welcoming living space throughout the spring months – and even from the winter. Patio pots and containers are ideal for transforming any area into a vibrant colour aspect. An ideal way to grow a wide range of bulbs!
Lasagne Planting
Lasagne planting of flower bulbs makes it possible to enjoy long lasting colourful flowers early. The idea is to fill pots or bins with 1-2-3 layers of different flower bulbs. This way the consumer can enjoy the beauty of the flowers on their balcony.
Dig, Drop, Done
The pre-planted flower bulb tray is a garden innovation at its best! Crunched for time? Do not have a green thumb? These flower bulbs are ready to plant! The consumer does not need to plan out the garden - In 3 easy steps they can dig a hole, drop the tray or container in the garden and wait for spring, all without dirty hands!